Easter Eggs

Oh my. Every year we make Easter eggs I think to myself, “this is my favourite way of dying eggs”. And this year, I have to say it again! I LOVED the way these turned out.
To dye these we used raw eggs and boiled them in red onion skins and red cabbage. We used the flowers Julian and Adelaide brought home last week since they were starting to shrivel up. I have a bunch of tulle because of course I do, and we used tiny hair elastics.
As we were doing this we discussed ways to make these more natural. Audrey suggested washing the tulle afterwards, which we did and now we can use it again next year instead of throwing it in the garbage. And Adelaide suggested we use thread instead of elastics because it’s more environmentally friendly. We also love that they are natural because they are edible! So tomorrow night we are having homemade soup and egg salad sandwiches for dinner!

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crafting with eggs
easter eggs
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naturally dyed easter eggs


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Hilda and Twig's Halloween Adventure

My kiddos are pretty obsessed with Hilda and the Troll books. Hilda lives in a land with cool creatures and she has some pretty awesome friends including this adorable deer fox named Twig. Recently Netflix has brought the books to life with a TV series, which is a fave in our house. But I recommend the books! When we were deciding on costumes this year, I wasn’t surprised at all when they said they wanted to go as Hilda and Twig for Halloween. So we collected a bunch of stuff, pulled out the sewing kit, and voila!


Hilda and Twig were ready to grab their bags and head in to the night to collect as much candy as they could before the midnight troll woke up! Scroll down to see how fun their Halloween adventure was! We even ran in to blue Lego and Dorothy up the street and joined forces. And I know I mention this every single year during my annual halloween post, but the people in my neighbourhood are just the best! They know how to make Halloween super fun! In fact, they know how to make a super rad community! We love you all!

10312018001-Heather Bays-halloween-toronto.jpg
10312018002-Heather Bays-halloween-toronto.jpg
10312018003-Heather Bays-halloween-toronto.jpg
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