Trick or Treat!

Oh my gooooodness I love Halloween!! I love photographing my girls on their adventure! I do it every single year! And this year was so cute since they were both old enough to understand. Adelaide was a pro actually. Watch the adventure of Red Parrot and The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water as they run around the neighbourhood screaming "trick or treat" followed by a polite "thank you"!


I really appreciate all the houses and neighbours who get involved and decorate and dress up! It makes the kids so happy!! And sometimes hilariously terrified. Little kids wearing layers of clothes waddling around collecting candy and having so much fun is probably one of the cutest things I have ever seen and it's my favourite night to photograph my girls!! I also love that they aren't old enough yet to count the candy, ha! 

It's incredible how much they grow in a year!!
Check out Halloween 2013 here:
Happy Halloween!