Lincoln & Brock

It was a beautiful summer morning when this super fun family and I took a stroll through the park and I snapped some photos along the way! Everything about these pictures makes me smile! Not only was the family so vibrant, but everything was so lush and green still. Luckily we've come to the end of the heatwave and drought! We have rain today and more in the week! Everything is about to brighten up, so we'll get one last burst of vibrant green before the leaves start to change in to beautiful autumn colours. Which is great because I was booked up for September, but since my children are in camp this week I am getting a taste of what life will be like come September when both my children are in full time school and I'm realizing that with the extra time, I can for sure take 2 more sessions. So, contact me soon if you are interested! But first, scroll down and take a look at these super sweet photos! 

Thank you! 

Nolan & Asher

I was there documenting the moment Nolan came in to the world. It was such a beautiful and calm birth which you can see HERE. When Nolan was born, he made Asher a big bro! So when Nolan was 4 days old we did an in home family session. As you can imagine, it's pretty wild working with a toddler and a newborn. You gotta be quick. You gotta be ready all the time. You gotta learn the art of distraction, and I have definitely become a pro at that, ha ha ha. So even though Asher was more interested in playing than having his picture taken (like most tots), we were able to capture him in his world doing the things he loves, and the pictures turned out perfect and natural and real!! Scroll down and take a look at my favourites from this session!