Hatchimals Hatching Day

Well of course I made a birth story for my kids when they got Hatchimals from Santa this Christmas! Ha ha ha. 


**press play**

Sisters Second Donation

I'm very proud of my little ladies. They both just made their second hair donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths who help turn hair donations in to free real-hair wigs for women fighting cancer! But they certainly aren't the only ones collecting hair for wigs. A quick google search will show options that are open to you based on your location! If you are thinking of cutting your hair, considering donating it! All you need is at least 6- 9 inches depending on where you're donating! And if you are in Toronto, I offer free sessions to those who donate!! 

Here's Audrey and Adelaide before they got their hair cut at The Loft on Queen Street where they were treated like Queens. Scroll down to see the results! 

**   AUDREY   **

**   ADELAIDE   **


Audrey and Adelaide donated a total of 6 ponytails. But remember, that is not enough for a wig because it takes an average of 20 ponytails to make one wig, which is the equivalent to about 5 donations! 

Watch what happens when you donate your hair.

It's hard to let go of long hair when you have grown it for so long. Especially if it your child's first haircut. But donating hair gives those emotional haircuts more meaning and more purpose making it easier to cut. Donating hair is so rewarding knowing that your hair is going to help someone! And knowing that you get a free photo session with me makes it even more fun!