Life at Nine Days Old

Remember the empowering birth of Zen Everest? Well, I got to photograph him in his home when he was only nine days old!

I love newborn sessions. They are very different from any other portrait sessions. They take quite a bit longer because I would never want to force something or upset baby, so we only follow your baby's cues. One thing that every parent is surprised by is how much their new little baby can eat! There's often a lot of breaks during a photoshoot to feed that tiny hardworking model. That's why my sessions have no time limit. I want this to be a good experience for everyone, so there's no rush and no stress. And of course, I bring the "studio" to you because not only is baby vulnerable at that age to colds and viruses, but having a new baby is stressful enough, I wouldn't want to add to the stress of getting in the car and driving to a location (or studio). That could be game over right there. I used to work in a studio and to watch some parents come in all frazzled after baby cried the whole drive really starts that session off on the wrong foot. So if venturing out to a specific location (because I no longer work in studios since they are not my style) is something you'd like to do, I will always recommend we start in your home first before venturing out. Very rarely do we leave the home though. Besides, I love being in the comfort of your own home for these sessions so that they are more personal and bring an editorial type feel to your portraits. They are real moments, not staged...except for when we have some fun with baby and start putting them in baskets with cute hats!! And that's only if you want that. It's totally optional. But I bring along all the fun props just in case!! 

So take a look through this beautiful session and see what my newborn sessions look like when I bring the studio to you! They are original and personal. The best part is, you don't even need to clean your house!! Believe me, I know what it's like to have a newborn. Washing the dishes and doing the laundry and washing the floors are almost impossible to have done all at the same time when a little baby enters your world. I am really really good and working around things. Promise!

When you're done scrolling down through these, check out my newborn gallery to see more examples of in-home sessions! And if you are thinking of booking a newborn session for you and your family, contact me and I can send you more information about prices and package options!! But first, look how CUTE baby Zen is!! This whole family is so friggin' beautiful!! 

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