Good Morning Annabella

{birth story}

When I met Kelly Swartz she was 17 weeks pregnant with her third baby dragon. I love that she loves dragons so much because I also love dragons so much! We walked around Trinity Bellwoods Park during the cherry blossoms and snapped some baby bump pictures, (which you can see HERE) and she told me a bit about herself. She has travelled, knows quite a few languages, she has experienced life, and studied hard and now she is an Erotic Expert and Health Coach who raises baby dragons. She’s the woman behind Awoken Beauty! In fact, if you are interested, she is hosting an upcoming workshop called, “Sex, Cannabis, and Intimacy - for women” because since the legalization of Cannabis here in Canada, Kelly has explored a whole new world! Check it out! It sounds like the kind of Mother’s Day gift everyone deserves!
Anyway, I followed Kelly on Instagram and watched as she documented and shared her life with 2 toddlers and a growing baby. It got me more excited to document this beautiful day. When I got the call that early morning, I raced to the birth centre. Third babies are predictably unpredictable. When I arrived labour was in full swing. This mama was circled with love and support. It was a beautiful sight. After learning that meconium was present talk of transferring to the hospital started. But Kelly knew better because mama’s always know!! She knew that there was no time to transfer. Contractions were coming hard and fast. And she was right! In no time at all sweet little Annabella made her debut and everything was absolutely perfect!
I invite you to scroll down through these gorgeous moments captured, and then press play to watch her beautiful birth story!

kellys proofs - birth041.jpg

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Hello Sweet Juniper

{birth story}

I have had two babies of my own, so for the most part I know what birthing mothers are going through. But when I document a birth and I watch these women bring life in to the world, I am still always in awe at how instinctual women become and so incredibly amazed at the strength of women. There really is nothing in this world like watching life begin. 

This mama had been practicing hypnobirthing techniques, so I watched her just riding the waves as they came. One contraction at a time. Staying calm even when her birth plan changed. You see, when you go a ways past your estimated due date, you run a higher risk of getting meconium in the womb. If that happens, It's usually fine, but advised that you head to the hospital just for precaution. She made the transition and stayed focused and stayed calm and after many hours of breathing, baby Juniper entered the world. She's so bright eyed and beautiful and very interested in her new world already! Scroll down to see some of my favourite images and at the bottom of this post you can watch the whole birth story, which as always, will probably make your cry. 

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