Autumn is Here!

It's my favourite time of year! The leaves are starting to change colour! The sweaters are coming out! Everyone is busy with school and a new routine. And so many people are getting ready for the many upcoming holidays between now and the new year! No wonder it's the busiest time of year for photoshoots!!

These pictures below are a few mini sessions I did last year in mid October! I am so excited to see these families again this year! I love my clients! I love seeing how much the children have grown from year to year! But unfortunately if you wanted a mini session and didn't book one, they sold out in 24 hours! Seeing as mini sessions are a very popular event, you may want to sign up for my newsletter this way as a subscriber you'll be notified of mini sessions first, and you'll get first dibs at booking them! However, not all is lost, I do have room for 4 more regular sessions this year, so contact me sooner rather than later because these will get booked up! 

This year is gonna be bonkers in the best way possible! Can't wait to see some of you again, and I can't wait to meet all these new families that have booked!!




Thanks for looking! Have a wonderful day!

Marilene & Maciej

I met this lovely couple on such a beautiful evening. We grabbed some ice cream from Bang Bang Ice Cream and took a walk through Trinity Bellwood's Park. The pictures we got are just unreal! So beautiful! I am so very excited to be documenting their whole journey into parenthood. 

There's definitely something special about this couple, because for the first time ever, I saw the infamous white squirrel! She's supposed to be good luck right? I literally gasped and stopped and got low to the ground and starting inching my way closer to see if I could get a better shot, but this was it. The one and only shot I got before she took off. But I saw I her!! And it was a glorious moment, making this photoshoot oh so special.