This was Aglaée's first time hiring a professional photographer so she wasn't too sure what to expect. But of course she rocked it because the only thing you have to do at a photoshoot besides trust me, is, be yourself! I will always capture you in the most genuine of ways. I am certain that every single person can be "a model" and my goal is to show you!  

Aglaée needed portraits for her upcoming profession in Naturopathy! She also happened to be 6 months pregnant! So even though she wasn't looking for maternity shots, I just couldn't resist gifting a few maternity portraits as well. 


Last month I was lucky enough to photograph this woman! Laura is studying to become a Naturopath so she wanted some bright dreamy photos for her upcoming website! 

These are just some of my favourites from the session. 

I love when people don't think they are photogenic and they say the camera makes them awkward because I love to prove them wrong. See!! You'd think she was a natural born model! Maybe she is and just didn't know it!? And maybe you are too!!? 
Just remember, if you don't think you're photogenic, you're wrong. Just blame the photographer, it's their fault, not yours!

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