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I see the world through light and connections. I love real genuine moments. That's why I am a lifestyle photographer. And that's why my sessions are unscripted. They are photographs of real moments in time. They are taken out of the studio and in to your world which gives them a more editorial portrait feel on a more personal level. Capturing the right moment brings a photograph to life and radiates the emotion to the viewers. 

*Just REAL life moments*

From a young age, my mother said that I should become a photographer. Perhaps it was the fact that I spent the majority of my hard-earned babysitting dollars on cameras, film and photo developing. I documented every moment I could. Before I knew it, I was snapping headshots for a casting company in Winnipeg and working as an Assistant Manager at Sears Portrait Studios before venturing off into the world with a camera and a backpack inspired by new places and new cultures. I traveled and explored the world through my lens from Yukon, to South America, to Europe. Connecting with wildlife, with people, with the world around me. 

Years later, I knew that photography was definitely my passion, so I went back to school and graduated with a photography degree before I put on that backpack and those hiking shoes again, this time, with my husband by my side. We traveled through Europe and India before returning home and learning that our party of two was going to become three! Naturally that's where my desire for photographing people and documenting their personal lives really happened.

After my daughter’s birth I became more convinced than ever before of the magical quality that pictures hold. Since this time, I have been fervently capturing life’s precious and everyday moments as they emerge organically. And while my own experience has brought me deep joy and meaning, I am truly humbled by documenting and participating in other people’s lives.

I have been practicing photography for over 20 years. My experiences, along with my professional and educational background has provided me with ample and invaluable skills. I love to show people who they are by documenting them being them, and I especially love bringing out the beauty in the ordinary and everyday.

- Heather
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