Hello Jackson

This mama didn't have the easiest pregnancy so when birthing day came a little earlier than expected (still full term) all was wonderful in the world. When I arrived at NYGH I knew this was going to be a beautiful birth because I entered a room full of so much support and love. This couple also had two beautiful very eager little girls waiting to meet their new sibling! Were they going to have a brother or a sister? It was a surprise for everyone. Ya know, I have noticed more and more people have been waiting until birth to find out baby's gender, and I must admit, the pictures of the moment when baby's birth gender is revealed is always so epic!! Just take a look at the third picture down! See?! So good! Please scroll down to see some of my favourite images from this birth, and be sure to watch the incredible birth video at the bottom! Bring some tissues! 

Now turn up the volume and press play! 

Thank you for watching!
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