Michael Peters

A stroll around the block with Michael Peters strumming on the old guitar was not a disappointment.
Great music, great light, great photos!

Next time you see a poster with his name on it, stop and see if you can make the show! Or sign up for his guitar lessons!! Yep! That's right! He teaches guitar too! What a great way to get yourself through the cold winter hey!? ;)  



This was Aglaée's first time hiring a professional photographer so she wasn't too sure what to expect. But of course she rocked it because the only thing you have to do at a photoshoot besides trust me, is, be yourself! I will always capture you in the most genuine of ways. I am certain that every single person can be "a model" and my goal is to show you!  

Aglaée needed portraits for her upcoming profession in Naturopathy! She also happened to be 6 months pregnant! So even though she wasn't looking for maternity shots, I just couldn't resist gifting a few maternity portraits as well.