One Year Anniversary Wedding Photos.

This couple celebrated their one year wedding anniversary taking the wedding photos they never took. We marched through High Park on a beautiful lush Autumn day and we didn't have to worry about the time, or ruining the dress, and since it wasn't their actual wedding, they saved a ton of money because we all know that hiring a wedding photographer for your wedding day isn't cheap! One-year-anniversary-wedding-photos really should become a "thing". Your first wedding anniversary is the year of the paper, or in this case, photographic paper, ha ha ha, so it's perfectly appropriate! And let's be honest, who doesn't want an excuse to wear that big dress again?! Realistically, so many people are disappointed with their wedding photos, so one-year-wedding-anniversary-photos are a great idea to get all the pictures you wish you got on your big day but didn't because you ran out of time, or you didn't hire the right photographer, or you were just so damn stressed out that you just wanted to get to the reception to get closer to the wine. Take a look through this collection and you may just be convinced!