Autumn Sessions

The leaves are finally full of fall colours! Every time I go outside I just get overwhelmed by the beauty of this season! I am so looking forward to the next 2 weekends of autumn mini sessions!
As many of you know, I hold limited autumn mini sessions for 2 days only! This year they will be held in one location in High Park and you have a choice between Sunday October 27th and Saturday November 2nd. Since my subscribers got first dibs, there’s only 2 spots left so contact me ASAP if you are interested in booking! For those interested in a full session (which means a location of your choice, no time limit, and more images in your online gallery), I am almost completely booked until January, but I do have room for 1 more!

autumn minis 2019-3s.jpg

Here’s some fun pictures from last years mini sessions. Some of these wonderful people have been with me since the beginning which is very special to me. I just adore seeing their kids grow from year to year. Can’t wait to see some of you again this year!






Ten Years of Documenting Births!

{birth stories}

Two days ago I celebrated 10 years of documenting births!! And honestly, never ever in a million years did I think that I would go on to be a birth photographer/videographer who is getting close to documenting 100 births! After all, 10 years ago I was just heading to India to continue documenting the relationship between wildlife and humans which I had been doing on my travels around the world (I am slowly working on getting those photos up here: Projects).
However, after our trip to India, I learned that we were going to have a baby. So naturally the whole experience of having a baby of my own opened up a whole new world to me with new passions. These passions led me down a path to the birth world where I knew women were in need of a voice, and support, and sometimes healing. So here I am, 10 years later still working hard to help normalize birth and heal wounds. With the help of these wonderful families who invite me in to their sacred spaces, who allow me to share their stories with you, I can assure you there has been change!
When I first started doing this, it was unheard of! Other than midwives being super supportive and excited about what I was doing, there was mostly confusion as to why anyone would want this experience documented, and a lot of concerned staff that were not that welcoming towards me as they were worried I was documenting them working. But after building relationships with hospital staff, and with some education from all sides, here we are 10 years later and now birth photography has become quite popular! I’m even welcomed in the O.R for c-sections most of the time!!
We still have a long way to go to make sure pregnant, birthing, and postpartum folks are respected and heard, so I don’t imagine I will be quitting this type of photography any time soon. But in celebration of this milestone, let me share with you, some gorgeous loving births to watch! Maybe check the flyers of your local stores for sales on boxes of tissue before you start pressing play, ha ha ha! Enjoy! And feel free to share this with all the expecting parents you know!