The Birth of Baby Yas!

There really is nothing more amazing then being present for the birth of a baby! This little baby was so special because she was this couples first baby, along with the first grandchild on both sides of the family too. Dad had never held a baby before he held his own and when you see that moment in the video, it's incredible. And all you mothers out there will feel the same joy as this Mum felt when baby latched! A GREAT latch too!

I loved how family oriented this birth was. It's too bad some hospitals have a protocol that only allows 2 people in the room, but they embraced it and made the most of it. This family was spread out all over the globe, so they were face timing and texting! I just love the role technology played in this experience to keep the family and friends connected. So much love. What a lucky little baby! 

Watch this video, but be sure to grab some tissue. If you are feeling broody...beware! 

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