Adventures of Queen Adelaide & Moth

The day started with costume day at school. Adelaide dressed as a super fairy princess, and Audrey a Moth. 


Well, at the end of the day Adelaide wasn't very happy with her costume. She said everyone was making fun of her and calling her the tooth fairy and she was not a tooth fairy. Now, I'm sure by "everyone" she means a few people, but nonetheless, she clearly was no longer feeling her costume. So, I told her that when she was 5 days old that we still didn't have a name for her, and then Julian came across the name Adelaide which was the name of a German princess who married a British prince named William and later became queen. Queen Adelaide's birthday was August 13th, the same as my mothers and my daughter Adelaide was born on my mothers mothers birthday! So, now it was easily decided, she was going as Queen Adelaide. With a half fast hemming job, boom, she had a beautiful gown to wear for the night! 

After stopping at our friend Mala's house who gave the girls sweet and a book, (a book which just so happened to be my very favourite book when I was in grade 1, no joke) we saw the beautiful sun set and then headed out in to the night! 


I must admit, it was a hard year to photograph because there were so many kids out and of course I try to avoid taking pictures of other kids out of respect...unless a parents asks me to snap one, which definitely happens. However, too many children trick or treating is nothing to complain about. It was so nice to see especially when I hear so many people say that they have less and less kids each year. Well the girls collected so much candy! And there was a noticeable difference in the amount of Nestle products this year in my 'hood! Way way less!!! Go team!!