Happy 1st Birthday Party Addison!

A couple days after her 1 year family portraits and cake smash, I documented Addison's first birthday party! Did you know when you book a portrait session, you can add event package B to your portrait package for 50% off!? Adding the documentation of an event so close to an important portrait session (such as your child's first birthday) is a great way to grab moments of the whole entire family and circle of friends because those people are all part of the story too. Needless to say, adding the documentation of the first birthday party is very popular amongst the 1 year olds. And especially popular with my birth and newborn clients, as Addison here is, (see Good Morning Addison + Six Day Old Addison). 

So, on top of adding an event session, we also added a video story! These sweet stories are a hot new item that I offer to both event and portrait packages. They're adorable mini documentaries. They're the perfect keepsake. Here, watch Addison's Story by pressing play:

So cute right? I really love making these stories!

Anyway, here's a collection of my favourite pictures from Addi's super fun party because of course we also took soooo many pictures. 

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