My Winnipeg

Most people go somewhere warm in February, but not us. We flew to Winnipeg which comes by the nickname Winterpeg quite honestly. If you have ever had a session with me we probably talked about my love and hate relationship with this city because that's where I am from. My family and I moved to Toronto 5 years ago and we go back to Winnipeg once or twice a year to visit our parents and siblings and friends. Because we visited in winter, we brought our ice skates (which if you follow me on instagram, that probably doesn't surprise you.) Normally we wouldn't visit this time of year, but my father-in-law and his wonderful partner of 16 years put on an epic party with so many of their loved ones and then surprised everyone with a pop-up wedding! Now, I don't normally shoot weddings. I have only photographed 12 in fact. But of course I was gonnna document their big day for them! It was pretty casual with a touch of class and super fun! Right up my alley! The flower children (my kids) loooved getting their hair done with their Grandma and Aunts, which shows in the pictures, and hilariously they got in to the photo booth costumes just before walking down the aisle which couldn't have been more perfect.

Here, press play!

In all honesty, I didn't appreciate this city enough when I lived there because the long cold winters were intolerable by January, and I had these understandable fears that came with living where I did along with the experiences I had. But mostly, I love this city. It's really beautiful, with big open skies and fields, lots of sun that give the most beautiful sunsets, and mostly, because that's where my people are. People we love so so much. Our families, our life long friends. So many of my friends have kids now who I just need to snap photos of every time we visit. They grow so much in a span of a few months! Sadly we didn't even get to see everyone this time, but we'll be back in the summer, and while I am there something awesome is happening. Really awesome! But I'm gonna save that big announcement for another day, when everything is finalized. In the meantime, scroll down to look through these pictures of how Winnipeg knows how to do winter like nobody's business!

sunset Winnipeg river skate path
on the frozen river
Assiniboine river sunset
the forks winnipeg
ice skating the forks winnipeg
the forks art installation winnipeg
playing cards with great grandma
toddler lunch orange pepper
winnipeg childrens museum
toronto child photographer
winnipeg in home sessions
scout winnipeg nephew
lifestyle light flare winnipeg
kids feeding horse
horse nose
manitoba sunset
assiniboine park winnipeg