Avery, 3 Weeks Old.

The most successful time to do newborn sessions with props and posing is when baby is 5 to 12 days old. But sometimes people are unable to do a session so soon after birth, or sometimes you don't think about it until after baby arrives. And that's totally fine! This was a sweet Christmas gift to these new parents. They contacted me and a couple days later we did the session. Avery was 3 weeks old. And even though by this age they are less sleepy and less curled up from being so fresh from the womb, there is still so much newness to capture. They are so teeny tiny for a short time, they grow and change really fast! So even if it's technically past the 5 to 12 days, your baby will never be teenier or tinier then they are right now.
And just a side note, the bears in the picture below are Avery's parents childhood bears. Adorable!

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3 weeks old
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Grandpa and grandson
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