Fish Flies at Winnipeg Beach

The fish flies are a yearly occurrence at Winnipeg Beach. I remember the season all too well from when I was a kid. Most people aren't fond of them. They cover the entire town. The swarm of them is so big that you can see them on a weather radar. Other than blanket the town with millions of fish flies that smell pretty horrid, they don't do anything. They are literally just a feast for nature. They hatch, and then die within 48 hours. Birds that otherwise aren't seen in Winnipeg Beach come for the week long event and fill their bellies before flying off. This year seemed way heavier on the bugs than most other years. Check out some news articles like CBC or Huffington Post.


When I was a kid I thought of them more as fairies or dragon flies rather than some gross stinky bug...which they are. I loved them. Still do! I love how they are so obvious about how ecosystems operate. So I was rather excited that we were at our cabin during peak fish fly season. My girls loved them! And our pal Josh loved them as well! Josh is the son of my oldest friend that I met when I was 5 years old here in Winnipeg Beach...(and coincidentally Josh and Adelaide share a birthday!) So having our kids play together in the very place we shared our childhood is pretty special. Here is a collection of some pictures I took of our time together with the fish flies!