Hello Sweet Touba

More people are starting to understand birth photography because when I tell people about how I document births, I'm starting to hear them respond with "Hey, my friend had her birth photographed", or something along those lines! But one thing people often still look confused by is documenting a cesarean birth.

Well, last week baby Touba made her debut via elected cesarean section making this the first c-section I have documented!! What a beautiful birth surrounded by so much love. This little lady is so special. She is the first grandchild on both sides of the family. This family is so welcoming that I felt like part of the family! They shared some incredible life stories with me during the moments waiting in the waiting room. This family is clearly made of very strong women! Just watch as this family celebrates and bonds over the arrival of Touba. These grandmothers have such a beautiful relationship and watching them greet their granddaughter with such gratefulness is really emotional. I love how involved their family over seas could be too thanks to FaceTime!! I love the role technology plays! Seriously, just watch!! Be sure to have some tissue by your side. 

Every birth story is unique, but in some ways, they are all the same. The love that radiates off the family welcoming a new sweet baby in to their lives is something that you can feel by just looking at the pictures. It's all worth documenting because the birth of your baby, is and always will be, the most insane, beautiful, best, incredible day of your life. 

If you are considering having your birth documented, please check out my gallery and contact me if you would like package options and prices along with my FAQ's about birth photography.