I absolutely LOVE when people welcome me in to their home and their neighbourhood! Nothing personalizes your photos more then using your own home as the "studio"! Many people think that their place wouldn't look good, but that's not true at all. I can honestly find the perfect spots in any home, and know exactly how to take the picture so that your family stays the main focus, and not the dents in the wall, or the mess in the corner, or the dust on the shelves. Hey, I know what life with kids is like. Have you been following me on Instagram or Facebook? haha. 

Well check out these picture I took of Jack and his family! The one thing you may notice right away is the honesty in the pictures. Most children feel more comfortable and more like themselves in their own spaces, so they are able to let loose so we can grab those genuine smiles and those genuine moments shared between the family instead of dangling a rattle for eye contact and a smile. There's no faking here. Just real life moments. 

If you are interested in setting up a photo session, have a snoop around my site and contact me so I can send you my packages and prices.