Baby Fiona

To document a family in their home as they have just added a new member which changes the dynamics in the house, is quite special. Life with little ones is crazy precious! I love how the family themselves are still getting used to their new normal, so I love documenting all the wonder and amazement and joy that come with those first few weeks. You can clearly see what I am talking about in the images from this family session. Baby Fiona will never be that tiny again, the newborn stage is over so fast! And the way big sister interacts with her new baby sister is so darling!! And during the many feedings, outfit changes, and adorable cuddles that mom is busy with, dad is with big sister because when a new baby comes along, the older siblings naturally rely more on dad for their needs. I love photographing those moments a lot! They're the real life moments that are worth capturing because looking back at these days will be something you do throughout your entire life.