Expecting Besties

These two ladies are besties and they jus happen to be expecting little wee ones at the same time! Kat is expecting any day now, and Gillie just had her little man! I will be documenting the birth of Kat's surprise baby, and I CAN NOT WAIT!!! Birth is BY FAR my favourite thing to photograph. But the maternity sessions before hand, are so super fun!! 

So for Kat's maternity session we went for a walk with Gillian before heading back to Kat's place, where things got a little saucy! Boudoir sessions, are so much fun, especially when you're pregnant! I know some women feel incredible, but I remember all too well how unsexy I felt the bigger I got, and the truth is, even though you may feel so, you absolutely look radiant! You should really embrace that borrowed body with a photoshoot! 

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