The Birth of Attis

{birth story}

Sometimes birth doesn't go as planned, like this mama's natural birth. Everything was perfect and normal through her pregnancy until the end when she learned that baby was not in the ideal position. Baby was bum down head up and legs by his head. But, hope wasn't lost, there was chiropractics, and acupuncture and of course there was still a chance he'd turn on his own and if he didn't they could do an ECV. 
Well, meet Attis. He was born at 36 weeks via c-section in frank breech position before being wheeled off to the NICU where he would he stayed for a few days. Luckily his mama got to go in to labour on her own which helps the body postpartum. Having the natural hormones in her body will help with milk production along with giving her a better chance of avoiding PPD which is more common in cesarean sections, especially when mom and baby are separated right away. She also had her placenta encapsulated which is another way to help your body postpartum. So when a natural birth was no longer an option for her, she took control of the situation by listening to her body and focusing on the things she did have control over instead of the things she didn't. 


And now after 3 weeks, Attis is doing very well and so is she! As of a couple days ago, he is exclusively breastfed! Perfect timing for his first growth spurt! All that pumping and determination paid off! Go mama!! 

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