Kadence & Joel

Here's a wonderful mini session I did in Winnipeg with my sister and her family! It's incredible what you can capture in one space and 20 minutes! Family sessions are really great for the kids! Not only do I pretty much encourage the children to lead us through the photoshoot which gives them control and they are more likely to open up to me allowing me to capture them honestly, but we are also creating images to put all over your home! Having portraits of your family on your walls is a great way to boost your children's self esteem and self worth because they will always remind them of the fun session (that's why a portrait session has to be a positive experience) and they are constantly being visually reminded that they are loved! So plaster your home with pictures! You'll find that it will even boost your self esteem! 

Information about fall mini sessions will be available soon! I will announce it over on Facebook this weekend! So come follow along!

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