Easter Eggs

Oh my. Every year we make Easter eggs I think to myself, “this is my favourite way of dying eggs”. And this year, I have to say it again! I LOVED the way these turned out.
To dye these we used raw eggs and boiled them in red onion skins and red cabbage. We used the flowers Julian and Adelaide brought home last week since they were starting to shrivel up. I have a bunch of tulle because of course I do, and we used tiny hair elastics.
As we were doing this we discussed ways to make these more natural. Audrey suggested washing the tulle afterwards, which we did and now we can use it again next year instead of throwing it in the garbage. And Adelaide suggested we use thread instead of elastics because it’s more environmentally friendly. We also love that they are natural because they are edible! So tomorrow night we are having homemade soup and egg salad sandwiches for dinner!

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Oh Babies!

I am on call for so many births this spring and summer, I am really excited! I have started the domino effect of maternity sessions, and you know that I looooove maternity sessions. My last two birth meetings and maternity sessions were with couples who are expecting twins!! So special! scroll down to look at my favourite photos from both those sessions!

When most people think of an early spring photo session they think dreary and cold because it's the end of winter. Quite honestly, there is some real beauty in the bare trees and yellow grass and shrubs. Just check out this session from just the other day! I adore that barely frozen pond mixed with the autumn colours and the warm glow of the late afternoon sun hiding behind the clouds. And of course this mama's radiant dress is the perfect pop of colour. Hanging out with this couple for the afternoon was just wonderful. They certainly rocked their session. I am very much looking forward to being there to document the birth day of their babies!


End of winter is also a perfect time for an in home session. Especially with little kids. It gave us time and space to chat about birth and documenting their birth day while the kids played. They later joined us for some photos. It couldn't have been more perfect that they came down the stairs with a heart balloon!! I can't wait for the day they meet their new babies!! Those pictures will be so so precious!