Easter Eggs

Oh my. Every year we make Easter eggs I think to myself, “this is my favourite way of dying eggs”. And this year, I have to say it again! I LOVED the way these turned out.
To dye these we used raw eggs and boiled them in red onion skins and red cabbage. We used the flowers Julian and Adelaide brought home last week since they were starting to shrivel up. I have a bunch of tulle because of course I do, and we used tiny hair elastics.
As we were doing this we discussed ways to make these more natural. Audrey suggested washing the tulle afterwards, which we did and now we can use it again next year instead of throwing it in the garbage. And Adelaide suggested we use thread instead of elastics because it’s more environmentally friendly. We also love that they are natural because they are edible! So tomorrow night we are having homemade soup and egg salad sandwiches for dinner!

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Easter Traditions

I didn't grow up with much holiday tradition, so every holiday I feel like I'm winging it a bit. I often feel uncertain about my decisions. Always wondering if I am doing this right or that right. For example, Adelaide's first Easter we got a visit from the Easter Beagle, and the Beagle has visited us every year ever since. Not the Easter Bunny (we're huge Snoopy and Charlie Brown fans). It can get a bit complicated when it comes to other parents and children. My kids always explain that the Beagle is the Bunny's friend and they work together, so a few kids get the Beagle, like us. (Clearly I didn't think that one through very well did I?) When my kids grew old enough, we added decorating eggs to our traditions. I honestly don't ever remember decorating eggs as a child. Since I didn't have a traditional way, I google searched how to do it. There were so many ideas. How was I to pick? The first few years we went all natural. That's so up my alley! They turned out quite lovely. Then we played with textures, using lace, wool, rice, and spaghetti, which was okay but not awesome. So this year I still wanted to play with textures but I really wanted vibrant colours! I think Adelaide and Audrey did a great job! This was my favourite attempt at decorating eggs so far.

PS: (Referring to the links in this post), I'm always striving to get better and to grow as an artist so it's quite neat when I visit my old work. Such a difference. Always makes me wonder where I'll be a few years from now!

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