Kate & Robbie

Can you believe that spring is just around the bend! I am happy to hear that the groundhog saw his shadow, so the warm weather is predicted to arrive early! And over the last week it's been definitely showing signs of winters end! Lets just hope the cherry blossoms aren't fooled by these temps because I am sure there will be more cold days and it would be sad if the cherry blossoms didn't bloom again this year! Either way, I will still be doing spring minis, just like last year! If you put yourself on the mailing list, you will be among the first to know of the mini sessions allowing you to get first dibs on booking! 
Check out this mini session with this sweet brother and sister! Of course, since the cherry blossoms didn't bloom, we took full advantage of the vibrant blossoming landscape. We met nice and early on a perfect warm and very sunny spring day! We wandered through the park taking pictures in the most inviting spots. 

After seeing these, spring can't come fast enough! 

Lincoln & Brock

It was a beautiful summer morning when this super fun family and I took a stroll through the park and I snapped some photos along the way! Everything about these pictures makes me smile! Not only was the family so vibrant, but everything was so lush and green still. Luckily we've come to the end of the heatwave and drought! We have rain today and more in the week! Everything is about to brighten up, so we'll get one last burst of vibrant green before the leaves start to change in to beautiful autumn colours. Which is great because I was booked up for September, but since my children are in camp this week I am getting a taste of what life will be like come September when both my children are in full time school and I'm realizing that with the extra time, I can for sure take 2 more sessions. So, contact me soon if you are interested! But first, scroll down and take a look at these super sweet photos! 

Thank you!