A Birthy End to a Wonderful Year.

Birth is by far one of my favourite things to photograph. It's unpredictable, intense, emotional, raw, beautiful, and my goodness there is nothing in this world like being present for the birth of a baby. There really are no two birth the same. And I am truly honoured every single time. Choosing a birth photographer is hard. How do you choose?! I would start by looking at their work. Do you like their style? Take a look at their experience, and their packages. Meet with them and talk, make sure you are a good fit. Ask questions. 
After I meet with my clients I do a complimentary mini maternity session. This way you can see yourself through my eyes before you invest in me and trust me to document one of the most amazing days of your life! Since you certainly can't reshoot your birth experience you'll want to make sure you choose the right photographer for you. If you are expecting a wee one and would like to meet for coffee or a milkshake or something, contact me and we'll arrange a time and a place! 


This Mama just gave birth to baby #2 this morning!! What a wonderful way to start my day. When we went to the park to take maternity photos after we met, I couldn't help but snap some shots of their little lady. She was so magical. Such personality which really shines in these images. And photographing her today as an official big sister after the birth was one of the cutest things. I will not be surprised if she becomes a midwife when she grows up! But I'll see them again next week when I get to go to their home for a newborn session! So much to look forward to with this story! 


This beautiful Mama to be is officially full term! I will be getting a call from her soon. The day we went out to take pictures was quite possibly my favourite fall day. She was radiant, the leaves were radiant. It was perfect. The images we got are breathtaking. I can't wait for her big day, any day!! 


And a few weeks ago this cute couple welcomed their surprise baby girl in to the world. They booked a stand-by birth because I was booked in Winnipeg for a week during the on-call time, so I had a back up ready to go during the time I was away. And alas! Even though I know this couple was in good hands, it still pains me when I am unable to attend my standby births. Standby births are when someone books me during a time I can't guarantee I will be able to attend because I am either already booked for a birth for around the same EDD, or I'm out of town. But I always have a back up available in those times.   

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Winnipeg Summer Sessions

Hey guys! I am coming to Winnipeg July 30th until August 10th! 
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Last time I was there, in November, I had such a wonderful time and got so many wonderful shots! Seeing as I haven't really blogged many of those Winnipeg sessions yet, I thought I would show off some of my favourites right now! Have a look through these fabulous Autumn sessions and be sure to share this with your family and friends in Winnipeg by clicking the heart or the share button!


Remember, there's only limited sessions available for the Winnipeg summer sessions, so contact me sooner rather than later if you want to reserve your spot!