Addison's Cake Smash!

Everyone will warn you that it will go by so fast. They will comfort you on the hard days by reminding you of how soon it will be over and how you'll be begging for those baby days again. It's hard to believe, but then you blink and your baby is one.
I can't even believe that one year ago we were celebrating her arrival with a birth story and a newborn session and now here she is 365 days later embracing baby life while dipping her feet feet in to toddlerhood! That little squishy baby that could easily lay in one of your arms becomes hard to hold with two hands let alone one because one year olds are here there and everywhere.
The next year will likely go faster and the milestones just as epic as you say goodbye to the baby days and hello to the days of strong willed independence. But my goooodness aren't they just the cutest little cheeky monkeys at this stage!?

We ended the session by sending a balloon up to Addi's twin sister. It was really really lovely.

A couple days after this, I documented Addi's first birthday party! Did you know when you book a portrait session, you can add event package B to your portrait package and I will waive the Event Collection Booking Fee? So you will save $295!

UPDATE: You can see all the fun from Addi’s birthday party here:

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Yas is Growing Up!

Baby Yas is very special to me. Her birth was the first one I documented here in Toronto. I have photographed a total of 19 now with 2016 booking up really fast!! And you can bet your bottom dollar that I remember every single one. But Yas, she was my first here in TO and it’s been a real honour to see her grow in to a sweet little lady! These photos are from her recent photoshoot in November when she was almost 18 months old! We started the session off by walking around their neighbourhood and played at their favourite local park. Then we headed home where Yas showed me some of her favourite toys around the house. We did her newborn session there so it was special to do this one there too! In home session are great, especially for young kids and especially during the cold months! Not only is it more personal and original to photograph your family in a place that is sentimental to you, but children are most comfortable in their own space. Everyone is! Being comfortable will help them to let loose and be themselves allowing me to capture them as they are so you have real memories in the form of photographs that will stay meaningful forever.