Film, Perfectly Imperfect

Shooting with film really really warms my soul. I mostly document my family's life using film. I just love how it makes me feel. Taking pictures with a film camera feels way more casual and the whole process is super magical and exciting. Instead of shooting 20 frames (like we all do with digital), I only take one, but it's always a carefully considered frame. There's more tonal range, especially in the shadows and it creates a different mood that just can't quite be recreated using digital and photoshop. I will never stop using film....unless it becomes obsolete. I love the nostalgia of it! It's so perfectly imperfect.

Have you ever considered a photoshoot with film!? I'm going to add a couple new portrait packages to my package options over the weekend for those of you who love film as much as I do!

Have a look at my favourite shots from this summer so far. They are all so great and it was hard to narrow it down. All of these were taken with my Pentax K1000 using 35mm film. After I had the film developed, I had the negatives scanned to create a digital file so I can share online! 


Last month I was lucky enough to photograph this woman! Laura is studying to become a Naturopath so she wanted some bright dreamy photos for her upcoming website! 

These are just some of my favourites from the session. 

I love when people don't think they are photogenic and they say the camera makes them awkward because I love to prove them wrong. See!! You'd think she was a natural born model! Maybe she is and just didn't know it!? And maybe you are too!!? 
Just remember, if you don't think you're photogenic, you're wrong. Just blame the photographer, it's their fault, not yours!

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